Informal Assessments/Observation

Our first session with your child are usually an informal assessment/observation. We provide a summary of your child’s observational findings, their goals and what their future management is. Please note we may start therapy on the first session if they have previously completed an assessment from other speech therapy services.

School Age Language Assessments

We use standardised assessment tools such as the Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals (CELF-5) to look at a child’s language skills. This assessment can be carried out for any child between the ages of 5 and 21.

Social Language Assessments

Social language assessments can be carried out for children for who have social skills deficits and may find it difficult to play or develop friendships or talk to people in different environments. These assessments involve observations of your child, collecting data from parent questionnaires and analysing their social skills through a Pragmatic Profile Assessment.

Early Language Comprehensive Assessments

Comprehensive language, speech and social skills assessments are available for children from 0 to 7 years old. We look at a child’s communication skills with standardised tools such as the Preschool Language Scales – 5 to achieve the most accurate data.

Individual Therapy Sessions

We provide individual therapy that either run for 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions. Ascend Speech Pathology Services believes in catering sessions to a family’s needs and a child’s interests to best improve a child’s progress. We provide progress notes, homework, useful templates and continuous feedback through phone and email to our families.