January 1, 1970 12:00 am

Ascend Speech Pathology Services

Rising to Your Potential

Our Vision

At Ascend Speech Pathology Services, we believe every child can rise to their potential with the right resources and guidance. We cater our speech pathology services according to the specific gaps in their communication skills.

We use a variety of strategies that make the process of improving an individual’s communication skills enjoyable. Our families are at the heart of our practice and we listen to their needs when shaping their child’s goals for speech therapy. We find each child’s interests and use these interests to customise our speech therapy sessions. This helps us make the most of each child’s progress in learning.

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Our Story

Ascend Speech Pathology Services was created after noticing the great need for a larger number of speech therapy services in the Western Sydney suburbs. We work alongside families, daycare staff, doctors and other allied health care professionals for a holistic style of practice. We believe in assessing and understanding how a child communicates in different environments in order to gain the best success from their speech therapy sessions.

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